Raw Feeding Made Easy

🖤 Nutritionally Balanced  🖤 Locally Sourced 🖤 Brooklyn Made 

Why Raw? Why Laika?

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How Laika Raw Works

YOU calculate your dog's personal meal size with our simple calculator

WE deliver your dog’s handmade meals as often as every week

YOU keep the meals in the freezer, defrost one bag at a time and serve

YOUR PUP is healthier and happier and so are YOU!

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“I feel like after a week or two my little chihuahua woke up!  His body is back to normal, but more importantly so is his spirit and attitude!  Both of my dogs shed 75% less which is an added bonus!"

- Regan D.

“Most importantly it is very affordable and easy for me.  They deliver! I highly recommend this food for NYC dogs and their owners!”

- Alix B.

“I wanted to thank Laika Raw for extending the life of Maggie, my dog, through food. Laika Raw became like a super food for her: her numbers all leveled out and she lived a great life until her age finally caught up with her. If you have a dog, have these guys deliver the best healthiest dog food around.”

- Harry J.

Dogs who consume high quality, raw food will experience:

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