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With our Raw Seasonal Pack you will receive all of our signature Raw Packs (Beef/Chicken) in a rotation (a new Raw Pack approximately every month). We encourage rotating the proteins that your dog eats on a regular basis in order to enrich the nutritional profile of their food intake, keeping their immune system strong and their taste buds entertained! As you place your order, please contact us directly if your dog is allergic to, or prefers not to eat any of the four Raw Packs (Beef/Chicken) and we will gladly skip/substitute with another protein. And remember, if you have a dog under 1 year, please contact us directly so that we can create a custom formula for your growing puppy.


Each pack of Laika Raw is:


  • 90% Pasture-raised meat, organs, bone & 10% whole food/superfood ingredients
  • High-quality, holistic, nutritious food thoughtfully balanced perfectly portioned for your dog's optimal health
  • Minimally processed, with zero synthetic additives or chemicals
  • Sourced from local sustainable farms and Made lovingly in Brooklyn, NY
  • Have more questions about transitioning your pup from kibble to Raw? Check out our FAQs. Happy Drooling!


How many Laika Raw bags should you order?

Just use our simple Raw Feeding Calculator below to figure out how much food your dog will need per day and per week! !Save 10% if you subscribe to Laika Raw Delivery for 3 months or longer!


Storage and Handling

When you receive your Laika Raw delivery, store the food in the freezer.  Take out up to four bags at a time (depending on the size of your dog), thaw, and transfer to a resealable container to serve. Laika Raw is a fresh/perishable food and should be kept in the refrigerator for no more than 4-5 days.  *We recommend thawing only two days’ worth of food at a time.*

How to Order

Simply enter your dog’s weight and the number of days or weeks you'd like to order in our Order Calculator – and we'll tell you the number of bags they will eat in that time frame - plus a bite or two.

Given the differences across all dogs such as: prior/current diets, activity level and their current figure, it’s important to remember that transitioning to Laika Raw (like with any raw diet) will not be an exact science. As a pet parent you know best, but don’t worry, we’ve made the switch ourselves and we are here to hold your paw. With a great raw feeding community on our side, we will answer any questions you may have in a process of transitioning to Raw.

Happy Drooling!

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