Why Go Raw?


A raw food diet is a minimally-processed, fresh, species-appropriate and balanced diet that involves no high-heat processing, synthetic additives, or harmful chemicals. Food is medicine, and the more live, fresh, clean, nutrient-dense, high-quality foods we can nourish our pups with, the healthier and happier they will be. Feeding your dog a raw food diet is the simplest, cleanest way to get them the biologically appropriate nutrition they need to thrive and live longer – AKA the food their bodies are built to eat and digest.

BARF?: Laika Raw is based on the Ancestral Canine Diet and Biologically-Appropriate Raw Food Model for feeding. What exactly does this mean? Let’s get into the meat and bones of it...

Your dog evolved from the wolf over 14,000 years ago, but still shares 99% of its DNA with this ancestor. Dogs, like wolves, are natural scavenging carnivores that are physically designed to eat a raw, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Their jaws, teeth, gums, and intestinal tracts are designed to eat raw meat, bones, organs and glands of prey animals, along with smaller amounts of fish, eggs, grasses, and other vegetation when necessary. And when your dog is eating what their body is designed to eat, they are healthier, happier, and cuter (I know it’s hard to believe but we have the testimonials to prove it).

Benefits of a raw diet:

Each bag of Laika Raw contains...


Vet Approved:

"The truth is both cats and dogs are designed specifically to consume raw meat. Their bodies are adapted to process raw, living foods."

- Dr. Karen Becker, Integrative Wellness Veterinarian

Vet Approved:

"The best diet is a raw food diet."

- Dr. Charles E Loops, DVM

Vet Approved:

"Meat should be raw. Cooking destroys enzymes & denatures the proteins rendering them less digestible to cats & dogs."

- Christina Chambreau, DVM

"Despite our domestication of the canine and feline and the fact that a Chihuahua may not look much like a wolf, the truth is that we haven’t changed their gastrointestinal systems. Cats and dogs are carnivores, designed to eat meat, bones and the intestinal contents of their prey."

- Dr. Susan Krakauer, DVM

Vet Approved:

"Health is an inevitable by-product of natural raw foods for our pets."

- William Pollak, DVM